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On April 4th, 2011, Officer Jim Kuzak, of the City of Clairton Police Department, PA was ambushed responding to a home invasion. He was shot five times and subsequently paralyzed from the waist down. At the time of the shooting Jim had been a 18 year veteran officer in Washington County, Pennsylvania. He had served nine years as a narcotics detective for the Washington County District Attorney's Office. He was also a Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor through PPCT and the FBI Defensive Tactics Program. He is a 2004 graduate of Point Park University, B.S. Administration of Criminal Justice.  He was featured in the documentary series "Heroes Behind the Badge ~ Sacrifice and Survival." Jim is currently a sponsored shooter for Team Glock. He serves as an ambassador for the Glock brand. He is also an adjunct instructor for the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Police Academy. In his free time he and his fiancé, Cris, enjoy spending time with their German Shepherd dogs doing competitive dock diving and volunteering with a local K9 search and rescue team.

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